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Social Events

Social event gathering is the best way to get together with your family, friends & close ones.

So, you are planning a social gathering, we are there to guide and assist you. Our Team is there to make your event a reality and have the most beautiful and unforgettable. Our commitment is to provide a complete event service, from the preparation to the execution, select the site, catering, theme, budget, staffing, menus, momentous, etc. Our team will outline for you all the preparation needed for your event to run smoothly.

Our special talent is our ability to infuse the event with your personality to create a more personal celebration that will be enjoyable and memorable.

Our Offerings

  • Birthday Party

  • DJ & Lights

  • Sangeet Function

  • Kitty Party

  • Theme Party

  • Get-to-gathers

  • DJ Night

  • Ring Ceremony

  • Artist Arrangements

  • Mahendi Ceremony

  • Anniversary Party

  • Special Entries